© Röda Sten Konsthall/ GIBCA
© Röda Sten Konsthall/ GIBCA

Joana da Conceição

In preparation of the twelfth edition of the biennial, opening in September 2023, a number of artists will be in residence in the region of West Sweden, to research on site, meet artists and art professionals in the region and start the production of new artworks.

The first artist in residence for the twelfth edition of the biennial is Joana da Conceição, who is in Gothenburg during October 2022.

About the artist:

Joana da Conceição (b. 1981, Porto) is an artist living and working in Lisbon. Her thinking and practice are rooted in painting and music, with the public presentations of her work revolving between the two.  Joana da Conceição studied Painting at Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto and early on in her career was awarded the Anteciparte Millennium BCP prize (2005). Her prolific and multifaceted artistic practice is often displayed in innovative ways and presented in collaboration with independent platforms. She has been known to create contemplative environments, spaces for tuning and reconciling with oneself. 

The artist records and performs with Tropa Macaca, active in the field of contemporary electronic composition, and is also a solo live performing musician. She co-founded the all feminine multimedia collective Toda Matéria. 

As a singular practice and in collaboration she has presented work in venues, galleries and festivals such as Serralves em Festa, VOODOOHOP, Stadslimiet, Fylkingen, Salon des Amateurs, Cafe Oto, BoCA Bienal, MAMbo, MK Gallery, Walk&Talk and others. 

Visit the artist’s website to find out more about their practice: https://joanadaconceicao.com