Packhusplatsen, 1977. Foto/Photo: Pål-Nils Nilsson / Riksantikvarieämbetet.

Franska tomten

Franska tomten (The French lot), officialy named Packhusplatsen, is a place located in the old Gothenburg harbour. The site is strongly con­nected to Swedish colonial history. On the spot today is the headoffice of a maritime shipment company and the Court of Justice. Currently large construction works for the West Link project take place here.

Franska Tomten at Packhusplatsen 4, got its name in 1784 when it was exchanged for the Caribbean Island of Saint-Barthélemy as part of a trade agreement between Sweden and France. While the French were given free trade rights in Gothenburg, Sweden took over the colonial administration of Saint-Barthélemy. Until 1847, Sweden’s economic activity on the island with the slave trade. In 1878 the territory was sold back to France.


Eric Magassa
Ayesha Hameed


Packhusplatsen 4
411 13 Göteborg

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