Vector is a newly formed interdisciplinary group working with projects that examine social and political issues through interventionist strategies. Vector construct their projects as a form of socio-political ‘stress tests,’ in order to expose rifts in the social fabric of the contexts where their projects take place.

During the exhibition period of the biennial, Vector will create the social sculpture The Banned Image on the main public space of Gothenburg, Götaplatsen. The social sculpture investigates the limits of what is allowed to be visible in public space in the secular Swedish society. When completed, the work will be presented sometime at the second half of biennial period. The members of Vector are, parallel with their work with the projects of the group, also active in other constellations and contexts on several continents.

Commissioned for GIBCA 2017
Photo: Courtesy the artist
Supported by: The Cultural Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lotter