With a background in moral philosophy, Måns Wrange has developed many artistic research projects into the dynamics of behaviour and social consciousness in the contemporary world. Wrange’s projects can last many years or even decades, and regularly involve collaborations considered unusual within the artistic sphere. This will often, for example, include collaborations with agencies involved in developing technology for tracking and even manipulating the conversations and beha-viour of the public. They are agencies that develop sophisticated methods and algorithms for mapping the debates and mood patterns in the digital sphere, which are regularly utilised by political lobbyists and PR, security services, financial markets and technology companies alike. By exploring the same technologies and methods, Wrange’s projects investigate the ability for effective and genuine pluralistic debate in politics and society.
Måns Wrange’s project for GIBCA 2017 will take the response to the biennial, and other current events in Gothenburg during the exhibition period, as the starting point for an exploration of the increasingly polarized public discourse in relation to the transformation of the media landscape. By the use of interviews, opinion polls as well as AI-based text analysis technology, the project will explore the dramaturgy of sentiments and opinions in the public sphere during the period of the biennial. The project will result in a film, which will be produced in collaboration with Igor Isaksson at Mu.

Måns Wrange is based in Stockholm.
Commissioned for GIBCA 2017
The project is conducted in collaboration with:Igor Isaksson, Architect and DesignerMaria Karlsson, Senior Lecturer in Literature, Researcher in RhetoricIngela Ekwall, Dramaturg Jussi Karlgren, Adjunct Professor in Language Technology, Co-Founder of Gavagai.