Visitors reading GIBCA newspaper. Photo: Rebecka Bjurmell



The GIBCA newspaper contains information on the thematic, programs and interviews with artists as well as programs for the GIBCA Extended network.

GIBCA 2017 newspaper (pdf)

PARSE Journal Issue #6 Secularity

The subject matter for PARSE Journal #6 has been taken directly from Nav Haq’s curatorial thematic for GIBCA 2017. It was launched during the biennial’s opening week to accompany the biennial as part-catalogue, part-contextual (re)source and part-imaginative interpolation.

PARSE is an international art and research publishing and conferencing initiative based at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Combining a biennial research conference and a twice-annually published peer-review research journal, PARSE provides a forum for dialogue between artistic researchers and researchers from other domains and disciplines.This 6th issue of PARSE Journal was developed in collaboration with Nav Haq (Curator) and Stina Edblom (Artistic Director) of the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2017 (GIBCA 2017) on the theme of secularity: The issue comes at a critical time for European social and political attitudes within a global context, in which many attitudes and principles are fundamentally being challenged. In particular, the very European truce between secular humanism and religious traditions has come under increasing scrutiny, challenged both from within and without. While there may certainly be good reasons to challenge any particular societal configuration, the question inevitably arises how human beings of different beliefs, or no particular belief and of different modes of life should be able to live together in peace and with a sense of equality, rights and freedom.

The journal is available online here