Sille Storihle makes experimental videos and documentaries that consider power in relation to questions of citizenship, gender and sexuality. Her work is research-based, looking at historical narratives that are ideologically loaded.

ONE MAN SHOW is an installation comprising three components, drawn from archival material from the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive. It examines the politics of archival documents, and attempts to exhaust the focus on the gay white male as the central figure of queer history.

The video The Stonewall Nation is a re-enactment of an interview between gay activist Don Jackson and artist Olaf Odegaard (1938–1997) in 1986. After reading Carl Wittman’s gay manifesto, Jackson aimed to establish a separatist gay community in Alpine County, California, in 1970, which ultimately never came to fruition. Storihle questions the ideological reasoning behind this movement, on the one hand, unpacking thedesire for a promised-land allowing sexual freedom, yet on the other, seeing it as an identitarian and colonialist vision to force through an exclusively gay colony.

The Tomorrow Show is an interview with the actor Michael Kearns, who plays Don Jackson in The Stonewall Nation. Set in Kearns’ bedroom, the work focuses on his life as ‘the Happy Hustler’ in the mid-1970s, a fictional role he took both on and off-screen. Attempting to recall the wild days of his alter ego Grant Tracy Saxon, the work presents an unsettling narrative of identity and selfhood, where an aging gay man sees himself in another man from a distant memory.

Sille Storihle is based in Berlin and Oslo.