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  • Saturday 16 September–Sunday 22 October
  • Skärhamns bibliotek

Space is quite a lot of things

Curiosity about a world without gender sets a journey through a world of jellyfish and disco uncles, creating space for four trans people to share how they relate (or not) to their own gender, imagine visions of their own queer utopia, and reveal whether gender can be felt in your toes. In association with SAQMI (The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images). 

August Joensalo | Sweden, Finland 2021 | Experimental Documentary | 12 min


August Joensalo:

August Joensalo is a Helsinki based film director and writer who uses film as a medium for creating relatable utopias for queer and trans people. They aim to find ethical ways to represent queer bodies on image, with a special focus on trans narratives. Through their practice, they propose alternative ways of being and existing in this worldways that fall outside the binary of language, bodies, and identities. They graduated from their MFA in Film at HDK-Valand 2021. 

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