Nino Mick © Masa Bezra


  • Thursday 2 November
  • 17.30 – 18.15
  • Free
  • Swedish
  • Röda Sten Konsthall

Such as in a mirror: Nino Mick mirrors Esse McChesney

Welcome to a mirror-session with the poet and writer Nino Mick. Having just released their novel Vulcan, they are currently on a poetry tour, Lo Ragnar & Nino, organized by Riksteatern (on November 1 the tour arrives in Gothenburg for a performance at Folkteatern). For GIBCA, Nino Mick is preparing a patchwork of old and new letters and texts about mastectomy and other transitions, reflecting the artworks by Esse McChesney.

Such as in a Mirror is a series of intimate presentations where one artist mirrors another artist’s work. Each occasion implies a new encounter with an invited poet, musician, dancer, or other artistic practice, who through their own creative understanding interprets an artwork in the biennial exhibition forms of the surrounding futures. Such as in a Mirror generates meetings between diverse artistic practices and allows them to unfold and wrap into each other. Free range is given to the personal and subjective interpretation, with the hope of encouraging the audience to do the same.