• Tuesday 16 November
  • 13.30 – 14.30
  • Svenska
  • Konsthallen Blå Stället

Guided tour for seniors: Konsthallen Blå Stället

It’s time for a third arena for this year’s Biennial. The Seniors’ Club visits Blå Stället in central Angered for a guided tour of the exhibition there. The Biennial exhibition The Ghost Ship and the Sea Change explores Gothenburg’s 400-year history and asks how the way we tell the story of the city’s past can impact on its future. Franska tomten (now Packhusplatsen) is a plot of land in the port of Gothenburg that was handed over to France in 1784 in exchange for the Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélemy. This is the narrative underlying the Biennial. How is our perception of Gothenburg affected by viewing the city in the context of Franska tomten and its colonial past? The works of art in the Biennial trace the steps from Franska tomten to other places, voices, stories.