• Friday 3 September–Friday 3 September
  • 15.00 – 01.00
  • Sockerbrucket

Opening – GIBCA Extended / Comforting the machine

At 3: Våningen + Sockerbruket Arena, Godisfabriken, Konstateljé. KKV, Faux Pas Café and much more.

Join us at Sockerbruket to celebrate the opening of GIBCA Extended 2021.
This evening of culture events focuses on the opening of the exhibition Comforting the machine, a group show with ten artists working in the region, all with different practices and expressions. The exhibition is curated by Tawanda Appia and Simona Dumitriu and is organized by the Gothenburg International Biennale in collaboration with the 3:e våningen. 

performance by MC Coble will be held in 3:e Våningen’s black box space as part of the opening ceremony 
Book tickets for the performance via e-mail: or phone: 0702 – 72 17 71

The evening includes music performances and further exhibitions by various other creative organisations located around Sockerbruket. This includes a rooftop exhibition En-tropy at KKV, the launch of Godisfabriken Konstateljé’s exhibition programme On Strange Tides and live music and DJs into the night.  

What to see? 


Comforting the machine

3:e Våningen, 15.00-21.00

Opening speeches: 18.00-18.30

Artists Comforting the Machine, GIBCA Extended Regional Exhibition – Charlotta Hammar, Dminika Kemilä, Kasra Seyed Alikhani, Klara Andersson, MC Coble, Mercé Torres Rafols, Nina Mangalanayagam, Nontokozo Tshabalala, Shogo Hirata, Trinidad Carrillo. Curated by Tawanda Appiah & Simona Dumitriu.

Comforting the machine presents artists based across Västra Götaland responding to the curatorial prompt:
“What are some of the deepest histories seeded in personal or public archives and records, in Västra Götaland’s ports, towns, villages and coastal areas? What are some of the borders that restrict today’s context in the region? What are the disruptions going on? How do art practitioners in the region take the power to make the discomfort or the pain visible, to project this discomfort into art and engagement, to interrogate the web of politeness? From isolation, exclusion, disconnection, dissociation, partitioning, what do you see as places of arrival?”



KKV, 15.00–19.00 (weather dependent) 

Artists: Beverly Hayes & Gaby Cárdenas, Chihiro Nodera, Lisa Holmgren, Kristina Žetko 

The concept of entropy can be illustrated with a messy room. In a completely ordered room, each thing can only be in one place; there is only one way to set all the things in the room so that it has the property of being completely cleaned. In a messy room, it does not matter if a particular book is on the right or left of the bookshelf; the room is just as messy anyway. The entropy of the room is the number of ways you can set things to achieve a certain level of clutter. The more messy the room, the more places they can lie and the higher the entropy of the room. Difficulties in understanding the concept of entropy are often due to ambiguities regarding the concept order.


On Strange Tides – Öppet hus
Coordinated by Joe Rowley

Godisfabriken Konstateljé, kl. 15.00–19.00

Artists: Margareta Andersson, Åsa Båve, Alexander Stevenson, Danielle Heath, Josefin Tingvall, Ekwe Nordin, Helga Härenstam, Jo Ökvist, Catherine Patterson, Jenny Stefansdotter, Ephemeral Care.

On Strange Tides presents the array of projects and practices which inhabit Godisfabriken Konstateljé. Staying with the maritime metaphors of GIBCA 2021 perhaps it is best to image Godisfabriken a ship, traversing an ocean laden with a cargo of disparate seemingly unrelated goods. In fact, at first glance one might think the only commonality between these goods is their presence within the ship. Look closer, however, and connecting strands start to become clear. We launch the programme by inviting the public to visit Godisfabriken as an ateljé to see how and what we are all working on.  


MC CobleUnder The Skin, performance, 8 min
3:e Våningen Black Box – Prebooking required (20 seats per slot)

Book at or 0702 – 72 17 71

DJs – Vanessa Ansah, Jamie Hudson & Demba Sabally 

Sockerbruket 11, 19.00–01.00  

The evening will also see many of the other studios and creative industries in Sockerbruket opening their doors to the public. Food and refreshments will be available.