Photo Mija Renström


  • Saturday 30 October
  • 12.00 – 12.30
  • Free. Booking required
  • Swedish
  • Göteborgs konsthall

The River – A Dream Play  

A theatre performance with the actor Ulrica Flach about the stories that are forgotten and covered up. A river is a movement with a thousand stories. The Dreamer has fallen into a river. What are the stories it holds?What dreams are drifting in the waters? What feelings, narratives and adventures are billowing, streaming and running past?Floating on the surface are the stories the Dreamer has heard before. That have been told and retold. But deep below, on the riverbed, the forgotten and hidden ones swirl.

Visitor information

For children age: 4 – 10 years-old accompanied by an adult 

Maximum audience: 20