Alyssa Briteramos © Iza Boethius


  • Wednesday 27 September
  • 18.00 – 18.45
  • Free admission
  • English
  • Röda Sten Konsthall

Alyssa Chloe mirrors S by Luiz Roque

“Such as in a Mirror” is a series of intimate sessions where one artist mirrors another artist’s work. Each occasion implies a new encounter with an invited poet, musician, dancer, or other artistic practice, who through their own creative understanding interprets an artwork in the biennial exhibition forms of the surrounding futures. “Such as in a Mirror” generates meetings between diverse artistic practices and allows them to unfold and wrap into each other. Free range is given to the personal and subjective interpretation, with the hope of encouraging the audience to do the same.  

“Such as in a mirror” is a film by Ingmar Bergman whose title is a quote taken from First Corinthians 13: “Now we see dimly, as in a mirror, but then we shall see face to face.” 

Alyssa Chloé is a freelance dance artist, choreographer and educator from the USA, based and active in Sweden and the international dance scene. She has studied and worked in New York and Europe for 20 years. She became known within the NYC “underground club” / street dance culture within numerous styles including Punking / Whacking and Vogue through multiple perspectives and is a leading force in her generation for the mastery of this art form.  

In her practice, she explores themes of intuitive movement using behavior, language and expression as a physical archive of storytelling. Because of she has a background outside institutions, her goal is to use her practice to challenge the norms of the existing structures and hierarchies in Swedish performing arts.   

Currently, her multi award-winning dance film “Elements: Beautiful Untrue Things” has been shown in multiple film festivals in Sweden, including both the Gothenburg Dance Film Festival and The Stockholm Dance Film Festival.



Instagram: alyssachloe_22


Luiz Roque  
S, 2017  
Video essay; projection; (5 mins)  

The choreographies of S code a message based on the manifesto Towards a Gender Disobedient & Anti-Colonial Redistribution of Violence by Brazilian artist and activist Jota Mombaça. The hypnotic and magnificent dancing conveys a violent message, counterbalancing the poetic and graceful gestures.  

“We will invade your houses, set your cars on fire, stone your malls and banks, swear at your police forces, curse your safety, empty your fridge and mock your illusions of ontological comfort.”
– Jota Mombaça  

In S beauty becomes brutal.   

Luiz Roque works across different territories, combining the splendour of science fiction, the legacy of Modernism, pop-culture and queer bio-politics, to understand and propose ingenious and visually sensual narratives. Roque’s works inhabit a space between cinema, art and critical theory within the scope of political dispute, both real and imaginary.