© David Stjernholm


How is Your World?

Textile drapes 

How is Your World? interweaves biographical anecdotes with theatrical moments resulting in a series of fabric works infused with love desire melancholy and loss. Christensen stages the domestic and everyday as a spectacle, with each hand stitched drape opening a window onto possible futures through various facets of the artist’s being.  

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation 


Adam Christensen works take their starting point in personal experiences, which he expands with fictional elements. This results in stirring and humorous performances, films, short stories, and textile works infused with love, desire, melancholy, and loss. The characters appearing in these stories range from angst-ridden and sex-obsessed teenagers to film noir anti-heroines to great Hollywood divas exalted by the attributes of their own archetypal role.  

Christensen has recently exhibited at: Hunt Kastner; Kunstverien in Hamburg; CCA Goldsmiths; Overgaden; Kunsthal Aarhus; Southbank Center; and Tallinn Art Hall 



Gothenburg City Library
Entrance floor, Ljusgården