Nastivicious is a collaboration between Vic Pereiró and Nástio Mosquito. Nastivicious is a productive unit. They are committed to creating good work. They are going to die. Nastivicious focuses on being consequent perspective providers. Open, pleasure, joy, and beauty; THEY ARE. Nastivicious challenges the mind, with purpose. Dream? Perhaps. Nastivicious is set to develop formats of thought and practice; offering an integrability into your life, experience. Possibility. Nastivicious is into Love!!! Recent exhibitions include: Daily Lovemaking, 56th Venice Biennale and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2015); …all silent but for the buzzing…, Royal College of Art, London (2014); 9 Artists, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2013); Former West: Documents, Constellations, Prospects, Basis Voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht and Haus der Kulturen der Welt (2013); and Across the Board: Politics of Representation, Tate Modern, London (2012).

ShouthThe OvertureFuck IdentitySouthWhitey On Venus, and The Overture by Nastivicious, 2015
4 videos, loop; print
Courtesy of the artists. Whitey On Venus is produced in collaboration with GIBCA.

Nastivicious takes to Sweden four statements of limited, ignorant, and transparent twenty-first-century power. These videos were opportunities the artists took to express that they are part of this world, and that despite its contradictory beauty they want to be the part that cares about leaving it better than we found it. Nastivicious could declare that appropriation, remix culture, reinterpretation, and contamination of excessive information are what unify this series of videos; in reality, they never spoke about those things. They did speak a lot about food, music, and the fact that they would love to be about Love. Pink love. Pink Punk Love, tough love. The artists spoke about clichés, popular wisdom, bad people, and how they sleep at night – they did get to the conclusion that they sleep horizontally. They believe we can, and will, live better tomorrow… Starting today.


Shouth: The Overture, Fuck Identity, South, Whitey On Venus och The Overture by Nastivicious (2015), Installation view 3:e våningen, GIBCA 2015. Photo: Hendrik Zeitler