Comforting the machine

GIBCA Extended Regional Exhibition 2021
curated by Tawanda Appiah and Simona Dumitriu

03.09 – 17.10. 2021

Artists: Charlotta Hammar, Dominika Kemilä, Kasra Seyed Alikhani, Klara Andersson, MC Coble, MercèTorres Rafols, Nina Mangalanayagam, Notokozo Tshabalala, Shogo Hirata and Trinidad Carillo.

The exhibition is the result of an open call to artists based in the region of West Sweden and is curated by Tawanda Appiah and Simona Dumitriu.

In their proposals, on view at 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg starting September 3, the artists responded to the following enquiry formulated by the curators:

“What are some of the deepest histories seeded in personal or public archives and records, in Västra Götaland’s ports, towns, villages and coastal areas? What are some of the borders that restrict today’s context in the region? What are the disruptions going on? How do art practitioners in the region take the power to make the discomfort or the pain visible, to project this discomfort into art and engagement, to interrogate the web of politeness? From isolation, exclusion, disconnection, dissociation, partitioning, what do you see as places of arrival?

The exhibition aims to showcase contemporary art, artists and actors in Västra Götaland (West Sweden), and to encourage the meeting between contemporary artists active in our region and the biennial’s national and international audience.

The survey exhibition format was initiated in 2017. S ince 2019 the exhibition is organised by the biennial in collaboration with 3:e Våningen, artist-run center for contemporary dance, art and music in Gothenburg.

Visitor information

The exhibition is on view at 3:e Våningen
Sockerbruket 9, Gothenburg
Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday  12.00–16.00
Free admission