GIBCA Extended

  • Friday 15 September–Sunday 8 October
  • Detriti Gallery

Unknown Forces  

Group exhibition presented by Detriti, curated by Angela Melito and Danielle Goule

Forces that push, pull, distort, expand out to magnify and shrink down to disappear. Forces that drive, pulsate, explode. Forces that close and forces that open, centrifugal or centripetal. Forces as guidelines or instructions to be followed. Forces defining careers and relationships. Forces shaping sexuality and identity. Unknown forces warping experiences.  

The Group show proposes art practices and acts of imagination as forces capable of overturning the structures in which we live in by shaping or bending them through creative processes.


Ajami Solros, Amelia Dray, Josef Kovac, Sanna Lindholm, Karin Gyllerfelt, Alqumit Alhamad, Sunniva Hestenes, Charlie Vince Jakobsson, Clara Aldèn & Gloriya Talebi.

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