Tidandalens Konsthall. © Johannes Reigo

GIBCA Extended

  • Friday 15 September–Thursday 16 November
  • Tidandalens konsthall alt. Stadsbiblioteket i Mariestad

Stadslaboratoriet 2.0 [SL2.0]

Throughout GIBCA 2023, a number of activities take place within the framework of the City Laboratory 2.0, a 66-day ongoing conversation where the line between spectator and actor is blurred in workshops and experiences.  

Based in this specific geography, we apply methods for collective storytelling about ourselves, our environment, our history, our present and our possible futures. As our stories are intertwined with the fabric of the city, an atlas is gradually created for everyone to navigate and find their way home.  

During KULTUR48H, different forms of stories will form an interactive chain for the creation of a multimodal work in several different media. 

Ends with a Future Convent in November.


Stadsbyggnadskontoret Nyestan, Stadsbiblioteket Mariestad, Medborgskolan Väst, Göteborgs Universitet (HDK), Chalmers Arkitektur, Dacapo Mariestad, Högskolan i Skövde, Johan Forsman och Anders Paulin, Untold Garden, Jean- Charles Cari, Tony D’Acruma & Giandomenico Racamato and more.

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Thursdays from september 14 until november 16, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.