GIBCA Extended

  • Thursday 12 October–Friday 13 October

Other tongue

Other Tongue has lost its voice. Or rather language. 

As a product of Swedish and Norwegian assimilation policies, Meänkieli, Kveeni and Sami languages were literally knocked out of vocal cords. Swedish and Norwegian were the languages that were to be spoken. Punishments awaited those who spoke in their mother tongue. 

Generations later, the dance artists Eva Svaneblom and Tanja Andersson wonder what the choreography of the vocal apparatus would have looked like if the languages had been allowed to stay in the body. 

With smartphones and portable speakers, soundscapes are etched as the dancers navigate through linguistic thickets, the anatomy of the vocal apparatus and physical phrasing. 


Eva Svaneblom & Tanja Andersson

Visitor information

Opening hours:

October 12th kl: 19.00
October 13th kl: 19.00

Atalante’s foyer always opens 1 hour before the start of the performance. In this case at 6 p.m.