GIBCA Extended

  • Friday 15 September–Wednesday 1 November
  • NSFW Svilova

Lost Aesthetics
Group exhibition presented by NSFW, curated by Ricardo Diaque

Where does the space in-between work and pleasure lie? Is consumption the only way to navigate desire? How is it possible to escape the contemporary contexts of labor?  

It may be plausible to enjoy artistic work, even though methodological research might appear opaque, due to the strange relationship between criticality and enjoyment. But some pathways are ready to be discovered, hidden, within our day-to-today activities.  

But who are we?  

Well, we are those who flip the rocks, that find the space, and who escape the contemporary. How you may ask? Well, that’s for you to find out. 


Gibran Mendoza (b.1992) Oaxaca, Mexico.
Gavonel, Aileen (b.1989) Lima, Perú.
Gb, Camila (b. 1997) Mexico City, Mexico.
Alejandro Jimenez ( )Mexico City, Mexico.
Ricardo Diaque (b.1996) Mexico City, Mexico.  

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Opening Friday september 15th 4 p.m.–8 p.m.