GIBCA Extended

  • Sunday 17 September–Sunday 19 November
  • Aftonstjärnan & Flory Hill

Leo Palmestål
Death to the King 

Documentary about the revolution in Nepal in 2006, which after a 10-year civil war deposed the king and abolished the monarchy. What happens when people stop fearing the oppression of power and instead turn their fear into collective anger. And joy, to take control of their own lives, to finally be able to influence their own future and its conditions. 

1h 35min 

Leo Palmestål
Euro Trance

Music documentary following the bands Pistol Disco and Chaos Through Programming on their tour through Europe. From worn-out squats to quiet jazz clubs, they wander around and spread noise to a more or less unwilling audience. A document of the do-it-yourself culture of the mid-00s and will over means. 

60 min

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Sunday, September 17 at 1 p.m.–9 p.m.

Plåtslagaregatan 2, 417 57 Gothenburg 

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