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GIBCA Extended

  • Saturday 30 September–Sunday 26 November
  • Gerlesborgsskolan

Lena Bergendahl – An Image of What You See

An Image of What You See is a film about a film that moves back and forth between different elements of telling and being; between ideas, images, sounds, editing rooms and screens. It takes place in Hong Kong and tells about a woman, A, who loses her eyesight in an accident. Later A receives a type of contact lens that has optical sensors and that sends information to her visual cortex, which means that she can regain some eyesight.


Lena Bergendahl:

Lena Bergendahl (b. 1982, SE) is an artist and filmmaker who works with short film, video installations, sculpture and text that often investigate questions about the relationship between humans, time, nature, images and technology.

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