GIBCA Extended

  • Saturday 16 September
  • 18.00 – 20.30
  • Dals Långed

Långedprojektet BRUK 2023 – magic rooms

In Magic rooms, we want to create an experience to carry with you when summer turns into autumn. Take a beautiful environment (factory) that is decorated with sound and light insatallations. Sit down in one of our oases, chat, chill! Go exploring. We break conventions a bit; no deifined stage or long rows of chairs to sit on. We hope this activates you and does not create confusion! Dreamy sounds of harp from one room, ambient sounds from another. Electric guitar in a whole new way. Film projections where you least expect it. Duo jazz from above. Trio jazz that can take all possible directions. Piano, cello and violin in classic piano trio. Indie with touches of shoegaze and kraut at the end.


Livet lekte, Göta pianotrio, Trio Knarrby, Albin Halvordsson & Bo Nygårds, local musicians and artists.

More information

The event takes place in Dals Långed 18 – 20:30 on 16  September. See our website for exact location.