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GIBCA Extended

  • Friday 17 November
  • 18.00 – 18.40
  • Mimers kulturhus

Kompani Catapult med föreställningen Konsekvens

New, new, new! Create more, more! 

Throw. It. Out! Not good enough!

What happens with the trash you throw away? With the words you say? What’s the consequence? 

We dance through trash, imagination and reality. The sound of ocean waves reminds us that nothing truly goes away. Not the things we throw away, nor the things we throw at others. 

Kompani Catapult has created a piece with many questions. As an audience member you have the answers. What do you see in the dance? What do you see around yourself? What’s the consequence? 


Agnes Nordin, Ellen Rengman, Madelene Hoff.

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from 12 years

Performance length:
40 min