GIBCA Extended

  • Thursday 26 October
  • 17.00 – 20.00
  • Röhsska Museet

Kill the Info Noise: Maria Dutton, Alexandra Walsh och Cecilia Månfagre

Female artist trio Kill the Info Noise explores mental health hygiene and creativity in an era of excessive information. Their manifesto aims to eliminate excess text, images, sound, and material possessions for healthier minds and freer creativity. In The Three Moirai performance, artists transform advertisement noise into new life. The ancient myth about three sisters Moirai, representing destiny or fate (the spinner as birth, the allotter, and the unturnable as death), is reinterpreted in contemporary culture, sustainability, and female art. Audience participation is welcomed to help create “new lives”.


Maria Dutton, Alexandra Walsh, Cecilia Månfagre.