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GIBCA Extended

  • Friday 15 September–Saturday 23 September
  • Vitlycke – Centre for performing arts


Welcome to the third edition of the International Performing Arts Festival HERE:2023! From 2 to 23 September, renowned choreographers, artists and musicians from countries such as Croatia, Costa Rica and Sweden, will fill Vitlycke-CPA and Tanumshede with dance, music and good vibes! 

In the program of HERE:2023, you will find performances, concerts and exhibitions that avoid predetermined outcomes and escape strict definitions of genre. 

Besides Vitlycke-CPA as the main festival venue, take a chance to discover festival events organized at our neighbor Vitlycke Museum and the artistic space Vrångsholmen, located North of Tanumshede. 

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In collaboration with Keðja, BeyondFronta, Bridging Periphery, Gerlesborgsskolan, Vrångsholmen and GIBCA Extended.

With support of Creative Europe, Västra Götalandsregionen, Sparbanken Tanum and Längmanska Kulturfonden.