Ateljé Kedjan © Inez Edström Toresson

GIBCA Extended

  • Saturday 16 September–Sunday 17 September
  • 12.00 – 16.00
  • Ateljé Kedjan

Finding Paths / Navigating in crises

How can we understand and handle a world where the crises follows upon each other. 

The artists in the exhibition “FInding paths / Navigating in crises” seeks help from the Map and investigates which role it can play in how we take on the present. Can the Map function as comfort and support in the navigation of a changing landscape (internal and external). Who and what gets to come along, gets to remain?


Inez Edström Thoresson
Beate Persdotter Löken
Johanna Oskarsson
Linea Hörnqvist Liukku