GIBCA Extended

  • Saturday 23 September–Sunday 8 October
  • Hellekis Säteri



At the foot of an ancient mountain that was born from the sea over 400 million years ago, we look up at the 250 million year old still young peak of the volcanic mountain. 

Times flow together. Primordial squids swim by. 

The man who for millennia sat above the animals and nature, who are we. Who has the right to a home. Whose home is where we stand, illusions bursting. Membranes that pull away. The voices of the animals, the trees and the mosses grow louder, louder than ours. We can no longer avoid meeting ourselves in the deer’s eye and the raven’s whisper rings harshly. 

The mountain knows so much more than we do. Our future rests in the gaze of the hare.


Åsa Lindqvist, Thomas Kihlberg, Petra Gunnarsson, Marika Beutler, Mattias Westelius.

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