GIBCA Extended

  • Sunday 24 September
  • 14.00 – 17.00
  • Ljurhalla Fabriken

Alma Söderberg: Sound a Rose in

We use our voices to make the movement sound and we let the sound effect the movement. We weave ourselves together both visually and aurally through dedication and affection. We respond to a society of fear developing a technique of sensitivity and we nurture the ability to hold several thoughts at once while responding with our full capacities to complexity.

The piece is developed in close collaboration between the performers Anja Muller, Angela Peris Alcantud, Alma Söderberg and Hendrik Willekens. Alma Söderberg is a dancer och choreographer, who among other things, has made dance pieces for Cullbergballetten and received the Thalia Prize.


Alma Söderberg, Anja Muller, Angela Peris Alcantud, Henrik Willekens.

Visitor information

The performance will take place outdoors in the forest behind Ljurhalla Fabriken and the audience can come and go during the 3 hour performance. Its possible to bring a picnic, or buy some fika.The event is made in collaboration with Skogen, Göteborg.