Photo: Ekaterina Lukoshkova Konstverk på bilden: Daniel EKTA Götesson, Tommy Sveningsson, David von Bahr © 3:e Våningen

GIBCA Extended

  • Saturday 4 November–Sunday 19 November
  • 3:e våningen

Nomaд presents Viktor Fordell

Central to Viktor Fordell’s artistry is the questioning of the idea of subjectivity and style. He enjoys exploring different types of content in a playful way – the multi-layered, the anonymous and the mundane. This artistic process partly expresses the idea that images do not necessarily capture an isolated situation or lay bare composition. With photography as a starting point, Fordell investigates alternative forms of materials and techniques. 

Nomad is an artist-run non-profit gallery based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Run by Gunéll Föxx and Pontus Westerberg. 

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WednesdaySunday 12 p.m.–4 p.m.