© Vinciane Lebrun/Voyez-Vous
© Harold Passini
Passing, at GIBCA 2023, Göteborgs Konsthall © Hendrik Zeitler



Inkjet on cotton 

Passing uses X-ray photography to depict layers of garments: hundred-year-old gowns from the Middle East; traditional Palestinian dresses belonging to the artist’s mother; ancient Swedish folk costumes from museum collections; sportswear from global athletic brands available everywhere. The garments become interwoven, creating an encompassing weave—a textile time capsule— that seeks to explore the plurality and relationality of humanity over several centuries.    

Commissioned by: Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 

Courtesy of: carlier | gebauer 


Tarik Kiswanson has a practice encompassing sculpture, writing, performance, drawing, sound, and video works. Notions of rootlessness, regeneration, and renewal are central themes in his oeuvre. Always operating at the intersection of different cultural contexts, his various abstract works examine subjects related to memory, heritage, birth, loss and belonging.  

Kiswanson has recently exhibited at: Carré d’Art- Musée d’art contemporain; M HKA; Centre Pompidou; Museo Tamayo; Bonniers Konsthall; Hallands Konstmuseum; 16th Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art; MUDAM; The Ural Biennial; 12th Gwangju Biennial; and Performa 19 Biennial 



Göteborgs Konsthall