Niko Hallikainen © Tani Simberg
Niko Hallikainen © Tristan Petsola


Mystery Machine

Performance; (30 mins)  


Mystery Machine is an intimate exorcism in public space. Hallikainen unleashes their personal, ghostly force inside the Konsthall. Classified, overgenerational information, archived in the most private part of the poet’s body is released in the form of a spectre that will go on to haunt the whole building. The performance poem offers a hypnotic ride through a secret otherworldly portal while questioning the conditions of the actual situation at hand. The performance poet uncovers and interrogates parts of Röda Sten’s past silently vibrating in the milieu, lost layers that may offer insight into societal segregation at large. Mystery Machine is a problem-solving vehicle, moving through a landscape of all-pervading economic crises, gaining momentum.   

Supported by: Frame Finland; Culture fund for Sweden and Finland.    


Niko Hallikainen is a performance poet and novelist writing prose in Finnish and performance poetry in English. Hallikainen’s intense and transgressive works observe the ambivalent intersections of class, sexuality, and spirituality. In his solo performances Hallikainen reads his writing against ambient soundscapes while utilizing a set of esoteric techniques, commonly known as ’magic’.  

Hallikainen has recently premiered performance poetry at: Kiasma; Flow Festival; Baltic Circle International Theater Festival; and has published two novels: Suuri Märkä Salaisuus (2023); Kanjoni (2021) 



Röda Sten Konsthall during the opening September 16

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