2019.10.13 - 2019.10.13

Remixing Thoughts: Re-Learning the Pause

Discussion and Live Podcast

Sunday, 13 October 2–3:30 pm
Röda Sten Konsthall
In Swedish

In a time dominated by quantifiers and widespread talk of “performance” and “productivity,” we invite you to a reflection on the idea of pause. Starting from Åsa Elzén’s work Transcript of a Fallow (Avskrift av en Träda) (2019), which is presented in the biennial, and A fallow (En Träda), a carpet commissioned in 1919 for the Fogelstad Library by Elisabeth Tamm, later a part of the Fogelstad Group, we gather to talk about ecology, time, and recovery. We will gather on the carpet together with thinkers from various fields and imagine ways of slowing down in order to avoid planetary and personal exhaustion.

Pella Thiel, an ecologist and nature rights activist, and Stina Bäckström, a philosopher, talk about recovery from an ecological and a psychological perspective. The conversation is moderated by artist Åsa Elzén.

*The program is a collaboration with Gothenburg Design Festival at HDK, the Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. 
The discussion will also become an episode of the podcast Märka, and is part of Gothenburg Design Festival. 

Image: Elisabeth Tamm and Honorine Hermelin facing the camera with a group of participants from the Women Citizen’s School at Fogelstad, date unknown, photographer unknown. Part of Åsa Elzén’s project Transcript of a Fallow and video still from Why do things when you could leave it?An attempt, an in-between land, video, 28 min, Åsa Elzén, 2019