Kollektivet Suexico. Foto: Dano Wilhelmsson

GIBCA Extended

  • Saturday 18 September–Saturday 9 October
  • Rizoma Galleri, Flygares Gränd 3, 52142, Falköping

Utställning: Suexico Korsa Gränser

An exhibition about artists’ stories and experiences of travelling and the different conditions we have when we cross borders, in collaboration with the Board Dripper Urban Art Festival (Mexico) and with art from artists in the Suexico collectivewhich exists due to a nearly ten-year long collaboration between the artists behind Rizoma Galleri and Board Dripper Urban Art Festival. Suexico is what happens when we paint on the street in Falköping or Queretaro, it’s salsa to potato gratin, or dancing to cumbia at a lodge somewhere in the Swedish countryside. Suexico is about our similarities and differencesthat our interests make us the same people. 


Board Dripper Urban Art Festival (MEX)