Konstepidemin Foto: Berit Jonsvik

GIBCA Extended

  • Thursday 2 September–Sunday 26 September
  • Konstepidemin, Konstepidemins Väg 13, 413 13 Göteborg

The breath grows weaker by the day – Emma & Conti

Emma & Conti creates collective and personal narratives inspired by cultural heritage, archives and the ephemeral. The exhibition The breath grows weaker by the day deals with the concept of materiality, exploring the perception of objects and their relation to human history. The exhibition consists of a site-specific installation in which their relationship with matter and reality can be reconstructed. 


Emma Sandström 
Stefano Conti 

Visitor information

Datum och tid  

2 – 26 september. Tisdag kl. 12 – 17, onsdag kl. 16 – 20, torsdag kl. 12 – 17, lördag – söndag kl. 12 – 16. 

Galleri Konstepidemin, Bergrummet.