Peterson. A, (1901) Original architectural drawing of the old water reservoir.

GIBCA Extended

  • Thursday 16 September–Sunday 19 September
  • Kulturtemplet


Kulturtemplet is its own physical archivealbeit in limbo. It occupies a fluctuating space between dilapidation and reincarnationafterthought and conscious contemplation. Rumor has it that the reservoir once supplied the bathhouses that served the residents of Majorna in order to fulfill the needs of cleaning and washing in times of old. TodayKulturtemplet’s future is uncertainbut our vision is to fulfill people’s contemporary needs of cleansing in our mental spaces where we often find saturation and confusionWe pay tribute to the history of the reservoir at the same time that we illuminate its possible future as a place for art, culture and contemplation. 


Anita van Doorn

Evelina Åhrman

Carmen Fetz

Jorge Alcaide

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16-17 September at 16 – 20,  

18-19 September at 12 – 16  

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