Ephemeral Care. Design: Joe Rowley

GIBCA Extended

  • Tuesday 5 October–Tuesday 5 October
  • 10.00 – 15.00
  • 40 kr incl lunch (vegan)
  • Svenska
  • www.ephemeral-care.com

Sounds About White – En workshop om vithet 

What is whiteness, and why should we acknowledge it? How can we identify the phenomenon that is whiteness, and in what ways does it occur in our day-to-day lives? This workshop with Ephemeral Care and Hanna Skoglar, literary scholar with an interest in critical whiteness studies, centers around the possible ways to lay bare whiteness as a phenomenon and how we can critically scrutinise it using several theorists and cultural and social occurrences. By connecting the worlds historical and colonial heritage with the present, and by shedding light on its relevance, this workshop aims to offer tools to those who wish to approach whiteness as a phenomenon in a critically empowered way. 


Hanna SkoglarEphemeral Care