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Simon Gran Danielsson – Klipp sönder din uniform och kasta den

In the spring of 2021, Simon Gran Danielsson worked as a tram driver in Gothenburg. A job where he moves daily through Gothenburg, back and forth at all hours of the day, in one of the city’s semi-public spaces. In the intervals of the work that occurs during the breaks, regulation times and the road back and forth, he documented his everyday life between the Ringön depot and the end stops in Gothenburg’s tram network. When he quits his job, he gets to follow the instructions, cut your uniform in pieces and throw it away. 

Simon is interested in alienation, the public space and how we use it, he often works with sculpture and installations. Alienation, an idea to take with us into the attempts to find poetry in life, working life. See new readings and artistic potential of working documents, instructions and the working day. 


Simon Gran Danielsson

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