GIBCA Extended

  • Thursday 21 October–Sunday 21 November
  • 11.00 – 16.00
  • NSFW Vasa Kyrkogata 5, 411 27 Göteborg


NSFW/SVILOVA is proud to present a collaboration with the artist collective Coyote.  “2001” is a three-part project in the shape of an exhibition at the gallery, a film screening at 3:e våningen, and online.

“The urge to revolt is one of the essential dimensions of human nature.”
– Albert Camus

2001 takes its point of departure from the events at the EU summit in Gothenburg, 20 years ago. The three days in June was a pivotal moment in Swedish history, where the Swedish police state showed its true face and a symbol of the engagement to reclaim the streets from the centralization of economic power, in the radical left and the anti-globalization movement, which now is nothing but a memory. The exhibition 2001 is a semantic reflection and an extraction of the graffitied slogans which were spread around Gothenburg during the riots.


Coyote is an artist collective based in Stockholm and Copenhagen and has been active since 2017

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Date and time

21 October – 21 November / Wednesday – Friday at 11 – 16