Varningsskylt utanför RUM44 i Mellby. Foto: Anette Sjölander

GIBCA Extended

  • Sunday 26 September
  • 12.00 – 19.00
  • Mellby Stommen, 531 96 Lidköping

Öppet hus på RUM44  

Ongoing sculpture workshop with invited artists, open stage at Klubb44, ART BREAK in the field. Pers Bodéga – Tony Abrahamsson cooks, Träskrotsverkstad. Jeanette Schäring invites to a digital conversation from New Zealand with her Maori friends. Performance with Johan Suneson on site and Leif Skoog and Christoffer Modig on zoom. Berith Stennabb at her dance floor. On stage is musician Jonathan Hilli trio (16:00). The exhibitions are open at RUM44 and in Konsthall Mellbyskogen (forest) 


Marit Lindberg, Lena Ollmark, Johan Suneson, Leif Skoog, Christoffer Modig, Lovisa Ivenholt, Christina Tivemark, Jeanette Schäring, Anette Sjölander, Berith Stennabb, Tony Abrahamsson,  Jonathan Hilli  trio. 

Visitor information

Sunday 26 september – Open: 12.00 – 7pm   
Consert: 4pm