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GIBCA Extended

  • Saturday 11 September
  • 11.00 – 15.00
  • Tollered, 44850 Lerum 57.819835552901345, 12.418844964967471

Bomull och vällingklockor – ljudkonst och guidade vandringar i bruksorten Tollered 

The mill town Tollered interprets the theme of the Biennial: In 1833, Nääs Fabriker, a spinning mill, was started by Peter Vilhelm Berg and connected Tollered with the world. The mill closed down in 1981 when the textile industry left Sweden for low-wage countries. Today the industrial community is filled with industries of our timehospitality industry, creators and entrepreneurs. Site-specific sound art works, created in 2018 and reactivated, deepen the understanding of the history of the site. This program is a collaboration with Alingsås kommun. The textile city of Alingsås is presented in the program Textil stadsvandring i Alingsås 3/10 at 2 pm. 


Guided tours: Markus Eriksson
Sound Art: Richard Widerberg, Helena Persson, Dan Fröberg


Guidad vandring 11 september kl. 11, kl. 13 och  kl. 15.