Rehab-Shop. Foto: Skup Palet

GIBCA Extended

  • Friday 3 September–Sunday 19 September
  • VSA-Sverige, Karl Johansgatan 22 A, 414 59 Göteborg

All These Bright and Hazy Mornings, Break On Through To the Other Side

The exhibition operates in the crossing between science, aesthetics and political rethinking. It shows works that invite connectednessposits the body as biomaterial, and uses natality as a portal to new beginnings and the sun as a life-giver. Signe Vad has invited the philosopher Jon Auring Grimm and the human ecologist Michelle AppelrosTheir texts are included in the exhibitioncontributing a scientific and a philosophical approach to these themesrespectively. 


Signe VadJon Auring Grimm, Michelle Appelros