2015.09.23 - 2015.09.23

HoW Session - Participatory Architecture

Engaging notions of the public space, public sphere, urban ethnography, and the participatory ethos behind structures like HoW itself.

House of Words (HoW) refers to “la Casa de la Palabra” – a traditional meeting place common in Equatorial Guinea and some African societies providing a hub for oral history, storytelling, performance, and ritual. GIBCA 2015’s HoW functions as a social platform for multidisciplinary discussion, exchange, and collaboration throughout the biennial and beyond. Its construction, led by Santiago Cirugeda, has consisted of a collective process engaging individuals and local communities. HoW has been built with recycled materials and is temporarily attached to the Röda Sten Konsthall.

Within it, Loulou Cherinet has created a relational community project hosting a series of filmed roundtable storytelling sessions examining the Swedish notion of “utanförskap” (“outsider-ship”). This is complemented by a public program curated in collaboration with Elvira Dyangani Ose addressing how participatory practices may create an activated social space – a place where “publicness” is framed through a powerful sense of “togetherness.” HoW envisions gathering people together to create an assembly.

All of the curated round-table conversations will be held in English.

Participating storytellers for this session will be:

Santiago Cirugeda - HoW architect, Recetas Urbanas
Jessica Segerlund - Process manager Älvstranden - Frihamnen
Henric Benesch - Architect, phD, Critical Heritage Studies, Gothenburg University
Linda Shamma Östrand - Artist, guest teacher Critical Heritage Studies, Gothenburg University
Emilio Da Cruz Brandao - Chalmers, Design for Sustainable Development
Elvira Dyangani Ose - Curator GIBCA

Hosted by Aukje Leoutre Ravn - Artistic Curator GIBCA 2015

The roundtable sessions will take place in House of Words and are open and free to the public.
Please note that the maximum capacity of HoW is 60 people. First come, first served.