2017.10.18 - 2017.10.18

Film screening: Burka Songs 2.0

Burka Songs 2.0 is a film about what went wrong, and what narratives are acknowledged in Sweden today.

In 2011, France outlawed face-coverings in public places. Hanna Högstedt received funding to make a film in which she walks along the boulevard Champs Elysées in Paris wearing a burqa and singing the national anthem, until she is arrested. But it didn’t end the way she had expected. 
The screening is followed by a talk with Fatima Doubakil, featured in the film, and Hanna Högstedt, who directed it. The discussion will deal with the interpretative prerogative, solidarity and how we can contribute to the struggles of others.
Extra! If you miss the screening of Burka Songs 2.0, you will have another opportunity to see it later this autumn at Gerlesborg School of Fine Art and Atalante.
When: Wednesday, 18 October, 6 – 8 pm
Where: Gothenburg Central Library, auditorium