2019.09.21 - 2019.09.21

White Cube, White Gaze

Presentation from artist Mirna Ticona, screening of film by Hanni Kamaly and panel discussion

Saturday, 21 September 2–4 pm
Göteborgs Konsthall
In Swedish

In the white cube of the gallery space, art seems separated from other contexts—a view of the exhibition space that has been associated with modernity’s promise of freedom, but also with the ruthless exploitation that comes with capitalism and colonialism. Göteborgs Konsthall, which opened in 1923, can therefore be seen as central to the dreams and nightmares on modernity in the trading and industrial city of Gothenburg, and as a place that today is crisscrossed by historical conflicts and holds a privileged position within the public realm.

The programme takes the history of the place as a point of departure, beginning with a presentation of the artist Mirna Ticona and a screening of a film by Hanni Kamaly followed by a panel discussion moderated by Nina Cramer, art historian and editor of the newspaper Marronage.

Konstfrämjandet Västra (the People’s Movement for the Promotion of Art, Western District) presents the project Unlearn! What Is Decolonial Art in Sweden Today? The project is based on interviews with artists and takes aim at the question of what a decolonial practice implies. What role can art play in a decolonizing discourse? And what role can institutions of art and culture play in supporting decolonizing processes?

Image: Hanni Kamaly, HeadHandEye, 2017