2019.10.12 eric magassa

2019.10.12 - 2019.10.12

Power, City, Art: A Walking Tour Through Gothenburg’s Colonial History

City guided tour to explore colonial traces in Gothenburg's architecture

Saturday, 12 October 2–4 pm
The tour begins at Göteborgs Konsthall
In Swedish

To mark the United States invasion of Afghanistan on October 7 and the proposed day of remembrance for the Abolition of Slavery on Saint Barthélemy on October 9, Urban Konst at Göteborgs Konsthall and the Forum for Decolonial Feminists are arranging a walking tour to explore the traces of colonial trade in Gothenburg’s architecture. One of the tour guides is artist Eric Magassa, who is contributing a new work to the biennial, informed by the Swedish colonial past.


Image: The Lost Series, Göteborg 2019 by Eric Magassa