2019.10.24 - 2019.10.24

Artist Talk: Liv Bugge

Artist talk with Liv Bugge

Thursday, 24 October 6–7:30 pm
Gothenburg Museum of Natural History
In Swedish

Meet one of the biennial’s contributing artists, Liv Bugge, a Norwegian who lives and works in Oslo. Bugge’s work has often revolved around the social structures of Scandinavia’s welfare states and around the various norms that guide how we act and how we see one another and the world around us. In the work on view in this year’s biennial, Bugge has followed the relocation of the geology and palaeontology collections of the Museum of Natural History in Oslo. The artist directs our attention to how institutions categorize and distinguish between the human and the non-human and between the living and the dead. The deep interweaving of man’s existence with other living beings and geology plays an important role in the artist’s work.

The programme is developed with support from Office for Contemporary Art Norway.