2019.11.07 - 2019.11.07

Part of the Labyrinth: Inger Christensen’s Poetic World

Evening lecture given by Marie Silkeberg about Inger Christensen's book Part of the Labyrinth

Thursday, 7 November, 6–7:30 pm
Gothenburg City Library
In Swedish

An evening devoted to the poet Inger Christensen and her interwoven understanding of the world. Together with the wrieters Marie Silkeberg and Åsa Maria Kraft, we talk about the book Part of the Labyrinth and the Danish poet’s world view. Silkeberg has translated Inger Christensen’s writing into Swedish. Christensen wrote “I think, / therefore I am part / of the labyrinth” for her collection Letter in April as an answer to French philosopher René Descartes’s famous axiom “I think, therefore I am.” The Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art has borrowed the title for its tenth edition from this quote by Inger Christensen and the essay collection Part of the Labyrinth, that includes a meandering mix of literary genres, reflections, and travelogues. In Part of the Labyrinth ecopolitics, analysis of Dante and the Baroque Era, and the relationship between individual, existence, and language are all woven together to create new points of view.

Programme organised by the Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Kollegium (www.kollegium.nu).