Pia i tunneln

2019.10.08 - 2019.10.08


Soundwalk of Pia Sandström's sound work The Gothenburg Suite: Underground in Haga

Tuesday, 8 October 5–6 pm
The walk starts at Järntorget
RSVP bokningar@gibca.se Bring your own smartphone with internet connexion and headphones.
In Swedish

Experience Pia Sandström’s new sound work Göteborgssviten (The Gothenburg Suite) and meet the artist during a walk in the historical area of Haga. What stories does the earth contain and what traces do we leave behind? Travel in time, space and archeological layers in conversation with Tom Wennberg, archaeologist at Museum of Gothenburg and artist Pia Sandström.

The soundwalk programme is developed in collaboration with Museum of Gothenburg.

The soundwork is commissioned by the biennial with mandate from City of Gothenburg through its agencies Cultural Affairs and Administration, Göteborg Konst and Trafikkontoret, in the frame of the West Link project.