2019.09.20 - 2019.09.20

Franska tomten: Shedding Light on Swedish Colonial History

Lecture and panel discussion on the role of art in interpreting Sweden's colonial history

Friday 20 September 1–5 pm
Röda Sten Konsthall
In English

During the period 2019–21, GIBCA will be inviting artists to relate to the connection of Franska tomten (the French lot) with the Swedish colonial rule of the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. In collaboration with Public Art Agency Sweden, the biennial invites to a discussion on the role of art in shedding light on and reminding about Sweden’s colonial history and involvement in the slave trade.

Should there be a permanent memorial at the French lot to mark the history of the place? If so, who should form such a process, and how?

The panel discussion includes artist Jeannette Ehlers, co-author of the work I Am Queen Mary in Copenhagen, produced on her own initiative; artist Eric Magassa, who is featured in this year’s biennial with a work at the French lot; Judith Wielander, curator of Visible Projects specializing in socially engaged art; Mathias Danbolt, art historian; Sarah Hansson, curator for Göteborg konst (Gothenburg Art); and Lotta Mossum, curator for the Public Art Agency Sweden.

The programme is a collaboration between Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art and Public Art Agency Sweden

Image: Inauguration of artwork I Am Queen Mary by Jeanette Ehlers and La Vaughn Belle, Copenhagen 2018. Photo: Thorsten Altmann-Krueger