2019.10.19 - 2019.10.19

Donna Haraway – Storytelling for Earthly Survival

Film screening of a documentary on the feminist thinker Donna Haraway

Saturday, 19 October 3–4:30 pm
Gothenburg Museum of Natural History
In English

At the Museum of Natural History, the biennial invites you to meet Donna Haraway, a feminist thinker and physicist, through a documentary film directed by Fabrizio Terranova. Haraway is committed to environmentalism and in constant search of new ways to look at the world. In the film portray, we meet the Haraway in her home, surrounded by real and animated creatures that help thread her story. Animated by green screen projections, archival materials and fabulation, the film is an appropriately eccentric response to a truly original thinker. Refusing to distinguish between humans, animals and machines, Haraway proposes new ways of understanding our world, to challenge normative structures and boundaries. Haraway’s approach to writing is equally distinct, embracing narrative techniques in painting a rebellious and hopeful future. Join us for a charming documentary introducing the world of a remarkable feminist thinker.